Internships for University of Texas Students – Remote – 2021

My Tech Farm’s purpose:  To connect clients with online marketing technologies.

We have created standardized highly technical processes and pricing for our support services and solutions clients.  The services we provide are difficult to find anywhere else. 

Our clients are individuals and companies who plan to overcome the numerous market barriers to marketing online by  — thus taking control of their own marketing initiatives.  They will be able to take advantage of the  by using “In House” or Tech Farm Support for computer programming and push marketing campaigns while using the Tech Farm Eco-Systems along with popular distribution systems and social media avenues.

What does the Tech Farm provide? 

We provide Tech Farmers with Web Hosting, Content Delivery Networks and Customized Web-Based Client Marketing Solutions for those that want to promote themselves online.

All MTFNOW! sites are compatible with the popular Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku Distribution Systems as well as Smart Phones, Mobile, PC / Laptop, Tablet Computer Systems compatibilities.

My Tech Farm (MTFNOW!) is a newly formed Privately-Owned Organization located in Bryan Texas.  For many years, the components of the Tech Farm and Infrastructure has been under consistent development as the techtechnology has evolved so has the playing field for better distribution for clients.

While specializing in Google Ads & Maps implementations for clients; we also provide Google My Business; Yelp/Bing/Yahoo Advertising; Web Hosting & Solutions and Services such as Content Management Systems (CMS) IPTV Channel Services (IPTVX);  Partner Networks; Affiliate (Tech Farmer) Accounts; Billing and Customer Relations Management Systems (CRM).

Our philosophy:  

Audio and Video (Media) is the most effective way to captivate and reach clients.    With “media” in mind, everything; we do is to support our web-based broadcasting efforts.   Therefore, we support Webcasting related Tech Support Systems. 

Intern Candidates use –

Work from home or on site.   Set your own hours and work at your own pace with others or as a manager or with a business leadership team.

Life as a My Tech Farmer:

  • Build relationships within the community both on and off line
  • Introduce MTFNOW! to local businesses and organizations
  • Schedule MTFNOW meetings with businesses and organizations
  • Support, Develop and collaborate on various platforms 
  • Coordinate and execute marketing campaigns
  • Communicate your progress with the MTFNOW team

This unique high-tech Farm is all about providing Solutions, Consulting, Application Development & Web Hosting.   We offer Specialized Suites of Software Tools doing what we call, “Online Farming.”

Clients can get SEO’d (Search Engine Optimized) as the first step one to begin effective advertising online campaigns.    

Interns can gain work experience through one of our own proprietary websites we developed and promoted by it by  (MTFNOW!)

If you would like to become a team member,; complete the application of your choice below.

Links to Career Applications:

Leadership Positions
Sales Application
Developer Application
Support Agent Application
Web Services & Development Internships
Internship Application
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Job Details:

  • Unpaid Internships – Paid Internships based on commission
  • Flexible hours: Part-time
  • Internship Perk: Free weekly MTFNOW Professional Website Hosting

This might be the job for you, if you are  if: You are customer service and business minded, technical orand detail oriented. If you would like to  and want to llearn more about  the online world from including how to work in a small startup environment with big dreams to actually developing code andor marketing the technologies we offer.

Roles Available

Account Managers:  Will Maintain Online Records using  Prospector CRM 

6-18 hours per week. CMS, CRM, Accounting Software, Remote Desktop, creating Online Quotes, Selling MTFNOW! Products and Solutions based on Lead Generation efforts.

Sales & Marketing Professional – A Tech Farm Evangelist of sorts, Assist in development of the greater Partnering Affiliate Network, up to 25 hours per week. Positions – TVKNOB is a User Generated Content Network providing private labeled streaming networks for clients that help promote viral marketing efforts using the TVKNOB related and supporting technologies.   
Visit for more information

T-SPAN.TV Positions – Content Editor, Newsletter Tech, Account Managers
Visit http://www.T-SPAN.TV  for more information

(New Hire/Intern Staff)
Technical Support & Tickets Staff – Support CRM and Custom Support for Hosting and Accounts for setting up new accounts. Computer Technician Abilities include Configurations of WHM and cPanel, WordPress, Joomla, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, some editing of php, html, SFTP SSH- Packages and Bundled Installations, 6-10+ hours per week.  Visit for more information.

(New Hire, Intern Staff)
Newsletter Administrator –
 HTML Newsletters – WordPress Grid Configurations
The Post Grid., 2-6+ hours per week – Create Advertising Banners and Configuring Images for Banners and Affiliates.  Visit for more information.

All Candidates Must be ready for Zoom, Skype, FB, G+, Live OBS Encoding, Recording Meetings and Client Demos.  

Internships for University of Texas Students – Remote – 2021, upRiver studio & support