upRiver Studio Offerings:

1.  RokJok.fm
2.  Showlistbcs.com
3.  TSPANTX.com
4.  upRiver.Studio

Marketing Opportunities:

1.  RokJok.fm
a.  Promotions & Add Packages
b.  Banner ads on Site – Partner Network
c.  Banner Ads on Apps & Player – Sponsor
d.  Remote / Guest Broadcasts
e. Schedule Broadcast / Podcast / Web Event

2.  ShowlistBCS.com
a.  Promotion Packages
b.  Live Gigs and Event Coverage
c.  Camera & Live Feeds from Various Sponsors Locations
d. Partner Live Network Demo

3.  TSPANTX.com
a.  Main Sponsor Ads – Site & Partner Network
b.  Site Sponsor – Banners on Site Pages etc.
c.  Site Sponsor – In Feed Ads
d.  Live Gigs and Event Coverage

4.  upRiver.Studio
a.  Streaming Media Control Systems for Churches
b.  Streaming Media Control Systems for Venues
c.  Streaming Media Upload / On Demand Storage
d.  Custom Websites for Streaming – Digital Media
e.  SEO and Digital Media Promotions & Advertising (Google, Bing, Yelp, Meta)
f.  In Studio Recording

How to buy from upRiver Studio / speedstream.tv Brand / MTFNOW!

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