upRiver Studio is a concept that provides streaming media solutions for various purposes and audiences.

We offer:

upRiver Studio App Store

  • upRiver Studio apps:  Allow you to create, edit, and broadcast your own live or recorded content. You can choose from different genres, formats, and features to suit
  • upRiver Streaming Hardware: Mobile Backpack, Broadcast Kit (Mobile Marti) a “TV Truck in a Backpack”
    Streaming Desktop Systems, Cart Based Broadcast Systems.
  • SLA upRiver Licensing – Licensing for Web Services & Channels – Censorship Protections, Cloud Storage etc.


  1. Control: With speedstream.tv, you have the power to manage your content, message, and brand. Whether it’s live streaming, recorded media, or multimedia content, you’re in control1.
  2. Distribution: speedstream.tv simplifies content distribution. Approved apps allow you to share your media effortlessly without steep learning curves or technical hurdles. Distribute content from a cloud-based architecture with ample storage capacity2.
  3. Storage: Enjoy hassle-free file management with speedstream.tv’s upload and cloud storage features. Store your audio, video, and other media securely while maintaining easy access and organization1.
  4. Media Center: speedstream.tv provides a centralized hub for your media. Share content publicly or privately, create multimedia programming, and engage with your audience through an intuitive media center3.
  5. Simplified Online Broadcasting: The speedstream.tv platform streamlines broadcasting tasks. From embedding media to controlling audio and video distribution, it offers comprehensive support services via a master control dashboard1.

Explore the new frontier of media control with speedstream.tv!

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