2513 Twisted Oaks
Bryan Texas 77802
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Quote Number QUO-01001
Quote Date March 13, 2023
Total $3,345.00
Franklin Worship Center

Franklin Texas

Install a Projector to Display Presentation Slides on Back Wall for Pastor Viewing using  USED / REFURBISHED equipment.   Also cover other PTZ Camera Wiring from last installation etc.  Options Summary:  John D. & Doug W. explored various options:
A) New Projector in Back (Pastor View) and Older Projector in Front Moving Fans w/ additional tasks.
B) Older Projector in Front and a New Projector in Back (Pastor View).  Lenses / Distance Issue

Based on the fact that a Rear (Pastor / Pulpit View) Projector w/ appropriate lens requires less than a 10 feet distance from wall - This Avoids - NO need to remove / modify the ceiling fan.

Supplement Equipment to be installed.   A new set of Balun's as well as the customary and separate VGA w/ a 4 Port Hub will be required for the Install of a New Projector using the baluns connected to cat5/6 with the Projector requiring a special shorter distance wide lens.   15 foot and under.

Note:  4:3 and 16:9 Ratios will be required for future upgrades to be possible.   Upgrade not possible with the used / VGA only equipment.  Main Projector is not 16:9 capable.   Can be replaced or updated for $1295 with a distance lens.

Projector w/ "Less Than" 15 foot Distance - Requires Lens Centering & Configurations / Warranty etc. - Display on Wall where Audio Sound Panel Tiles are Removed.  The Back Wall.  TBD - The New Projector will be located in the Rear of the Sanctuary Area - option #3 w/o moving and modifying fan etc.

Franklin Worship Center to Remove Wall Panels.

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1 Projector System - Short Distance Mods

Other Parts Required -
1) Input & Output Convertors
2) Hub for VGA
3) Power System
4) Cat 6 Install single wire above ceiling tiles
5) Cover Wires for PTZ Camera.

6 Service Labor Installation & Cabling


Sub Total $3,345.00
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Total $3,345.00