1300A Texas Avenue
Bryan Texas 77803
(make payable to Doug Watkins)

Invoice Number INV-1120
Invoice Date October 18, 2023
Total Due $1,172.10
BVCA Planroom

1722 Broadmoor, Suite 100, Bryan, TX 77802

Kayla Glover. BVCA Plan Room. 979-260-5902

Urgent Network Attention - Kip, Network Shares and Internet back on by 12 noon 10-17-2023.   Solution: Purchased a Router & Replaced Existing Router (Fortinet)   Later it was reported that some other critical function equipment was not configured.  Scheduled for 10-18-2023

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
5 Urgent Network Labor

3 Hours (10-17-2023) 2 Hours (10-18-2023) Replacing & Configuration of Equipment. Kip and Other Printers Operational

2 Wifi Router w/ Firewall Settings

Suddenlink - Optimum Set to Bridge Mode - New DHCP Settings

4 Duplicate Settings & Instructions for the 2nd Backup Router

Make Ready a Replacement Router. Create Labeled Plugs and a Replacement Plan.

Sub Total $1,150.00
Tax $22.10
Total Due $1,172.10