2513 Twisted Oaks
Bryan Texas 77802
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Invoice Number INV-24006
Invoice Date April 19, 2024
Total Due $542.50
BVCA Planroom

1722 Broadmoor, Suite 100, Bryan, TX 77802

Kayla Glover. BVCA Plan Room. 979-260-5902

HP Z2 GT9 Installations - As of: 04-19-2024

A)  Monday & Tuesday  - Tower (Roslyn PC) configured Kip Printer, Network Shares, Quickbooks Online, PDF, Office 365.  Could not complete the email password for   Determined 3 or more password changes since last documented.

B)  Established a working (Kayla) Computer - Shortcuts to Network, Kip, Other Printers.  Was not able to login with Kayla Account and password supplied for the gmail or Windows 11.  Previous installation of Windows 11 account lockout,  took PC to resolve and determined SSD was missing.   Returned PC Friday am as noted.  OS was running on a USB Portable.  I did not take that portable until I was asked to restore the Kayla Account.

Checked iDrive seemed ok.(Roslyn PC) was swapped with another older computer that was last in operation in Jan 2024.  (Not swapped by upRiver Support - Doug or Kevin)

C)  Older PC - (Roslyn) gmail password was updated in order to receive current email.  (Not by upRiver Support)

D)  Wednesday - Learned the 1) (Kayla) Pc was running the OS on an external drive - compliance standards.   2) External OS Drive Returned.

E)   Thursday - 3 PC's for service to Doug upRiver Support.  1) Documentation Provided Called for Windows 10 (Should have been Windows 11) Also, called for SSD Drive of 1TB - were not included in any other the PC's.  One of the HP Z2 GT9 Installations included a disconnected SATA Cable.  This must have been the PC that I installed on Roslyn on Monday that was replaced by an older PC.   Or something else because the other PC's from the Box did not include a #2 Sata Cable for internal SSD as stated in docs provided.

F)  Friday - PC's returned to BVCA.  As I understand the PC's will be returned for warranty / replacement / refund.  This is up to BVCA.

Other:  Doug (upRiver Support) has a 1TB SSD drive that was purchased to facilitate backups.  Currently Un-Used.  Need to Return to BVCA Backroom Computer System for iDrive Backups.

More notes available in work projects:
All open | BVCA | UpRiver Projects

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
3 Labor for BVCA Support of Computers and Network, Old / New etc.

Urgent Labor for Outage / Down Status Reported Monday 4-15-2024 - Arrived in 20 mins - 3 hours later - operational on Roslyn's New HP Z2 PC. Plus Kayla's Computer was set up with all new shortcuts. No Pin for Microsoft Access to Admin Account. No password for gmail.

2 3 - PC's Inspection. Added a 1 SSD Drive to the System and had issues. No cabling - No Sata SSD

Not Urgent Labor - Check to see if the other computers were the same (except one system had a disconnected cable for Sata HDD possible SSD was installed and removed) based on my efforts on Roslyn PC (New AND Previous PC) which is no longer in place.
An older PC is in it's place from an earlier time period. Monday's efforts to Complete the Install etc. HDD / SSD is not longer in PC.

Sub Total $500.00
Tax $42.50
Total Due $542.50